ThingSmart’s automotive IoT offerings helps vehicles optimize their own operation and maintenance as well as the convenience and comfort of passengers using onboard sensors and Internet connectivity.


From end to end visibility into delivery process to predictive maintenance to real time fleet management to inventory tracking and analytics, ThingSmart has solutions for all facets of the logistics lifecycle.


ThingSmart’s combination of healthcare expertise combined with IoT know-how makes us ideally poised to handle the healthcare IoT requirements and inevitable challenges, from remote patient monitoring to medical device integration.

Utilities & Home Automation

Sensorized assets in the grid and home automation for consumers has ensured that one needs to leverage the best from their IoT investments.


With ThingSmart’s extensive experiences, retailers can gather real time insights from connected stores combined with cognitive computing.


ThingSmart solutions leverages IoT to create a new level of connectedness and improved business operations for manufacturing plants, warehouses, fleets and supply chains.

The Age Of Auto Intelligence
Connected Cars for Autosense is an advanced Business-as-a-Service platform that helps one effectively leverage auto intelligence to improve business performance. The key features include:
  • Driver behaviour monitoring
  • Predictive vehicle maintenance
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Theft control
  • Assisted relationships
  • Geo-fencing and tracking
Fleet tracking solution tailored for your business!
BSM Wireless is a leading player in the North American fleet tracking industry. SpurTree helped BSM upgrade their legacy systems to the latest, thereby providing users with:
  • On-demand analytics – Live status updates
  • Interaction mapping
  • Mobile apps to deliver true live tracking
  • Automated alerts based on business rules – Speeding, sensors, geozones, etc.
The Evolution of Asset Tracking
BeWhere is an Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company that designs and manufactures industrialized hardware with sensors and software applications to track real-time information on movable assets and environmental sensors.
  • Real-time visibility of assets in transit or at facilities
  • Integration with Telematics
  • Mobile and software apps
Real-Time Management of Multivendor IoT Networks
See how SpurTree built a robust IoT platform that integrates people, process, and policy, to eliminate application silos, scale to hundreds of thousands of things, simplify overall IoT management, and form the foundation for Data AnalyticsReal-time visibility of assets in transit or at facilities
  • Cloud service and application platform that enables rapid innovation of IoT at a fraction of the cost of traditional sensor and M2M applications
  • Device-independent IoT Entity abstraction layer for rapid modeling of applications and IoT services
  • Real-time entity and role-based management integrating people, process, and policy
  • Visual policy builder to compose and customize policies based on users, devices, sensor thresholds, location, and other business criteria
  • Proactive monitoring and behavior analysis of IoT Entities to detect anomalies in real-time
  • Foundation for smart analytics to deliver business recommendations and automate operating procedures and workflows

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